Friday, December 16, 2005

Fa la la la BRAAAK!

As you might have guessed, I am not going home for Christmas.

Lack of money
Job security
Expensive flights
a Darin & Louise Apartment Christmas!

Darin and I decided that since a West Coast Christmas is impossible, so is a Christmas with the inlaws. I would be far too homesick and pouty, thus invoking misery in each of my extended family members.

I will be heading back home, however, in January! Eleven days of West Coast lovin.' The only downer is that between a heavy class and work schedule, Darin cannot come. Argh.

Here's a preview of my little winter vacay:
  1. Wait for Lulabelle to stop ignoring me, plead for her forgiveness regarding my long absence, and cuddle her before I go to sleep.
  2. Jump on Mom and Dad's bed (while they're in it, of course).
  3. Scandalize my eldest sister with the clothes I wear and love. Caren has rebuked my fashion sense ever since I lost my baby fat. To her, dressing prettily is dressing as a lady of the night. Maybe so, Caren. Maybe so.
  4. Go hiking where Darin proposed. (The first time.)
  5. Visit my buddy Mandy across the street. Harass her parents. Tease her mother.
  6. Read in the guest bedroom with the heater on full blast while lying on my tummy. This has been my "comfort food" since I was a little girl, reason unknown.
  7. Eat mom's pumpkin custard.
  8. Get a back massage from my wonderful brother Dave.
  9. Leave family dinner early enough to avoid religious debates, late enough to properly digest.
  10. (Edited for content)
  11. Go to the beach with my parents, make a fire while sitting on driftwood, eat clam chowder from Mo's, go crabbing.
  12. Without flinching, tell Dad I love him.
  13. Drink lots of mochas from my favorite hole-in-the-wall coffeehouses.
  14. Get "love vibes" from Mom.
  15. Spend the night by the Christmas tree.
  16. Meet our new little calico kitten, Tib.
  17. Dance in the living room with my nieces and nephews until someone gets hurt.
  18. Order in from my favorite Mexican restaurant and watch old movies with the parental units.
  19. Instead of avoiding the Annual Family Blow-up, take pictures for future blackmail usage.
  20. Continue the argument with my father on why "Kill Bill" is a great movie.
Keep reading through January, for the posts will be frequent and (I have a foreboding feeling) extra juicy. Shudder.


Angel Roth said...

Nargh! But you'll be back by the 12th, right??

Louise said...

Ummm.... No?


Fightgar said...

sweet doggy, this means we can hang out and party all night long!!?? thats funny i'm coming home for 11 days while you are going to come here for 11 days. lol
too funny

Louise said...

Pepin, you'll have to keep Darin company! He'll probably be curled up in the fetal position on the bedroom floor the entire time I'm gone... Poor sap...

Meghan said...

Weezy! I'll call you soon, and in the meantime have a great holiday with your lovebunny, Darin.

And have a great time at home. We'll have to compare stories.