Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cup o' Corn Squeezins

Now that I'm a hick, my overall mentality has slightly changed.

I used to check people. com twice a day- now I check email once a week when I visit my parents with their highly-advanced Netscape dial-up.

Dawson's Creek reruns and reality TV has been replaced with George MacDonald and Red Rose tea.

My current idea of a microwave is setting a plate of food in the sun, ready to eat in one hour.

Because T-Mobile in Oregon is useless, I have no contact with faraway friends, enemies, or acquaintances. I would write, but I don't have anyone's address.

I think my car used to be green.

I'm surprised I can actually remember how to type on this keyboard. I'm going a little nutty, pardner. Thank God I'm starting Jazzercise tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

i am not worthy

I am a disgrace to the blogging community. Therefore, I will humble myself by forsaking capitalization.

life is beautiful, hectic, always fun, and always mentally-ill. darin and i work constantly, commuting to work an hour each way. we just moved in with my brother and sister-in-law, so the commute will incredibly lessen. we have a little house that is right next to theirs- just enough room for books, couch, and bed. we call it "the fishbowl" because of the huge windows and lack of curtains.

living in the countryside has been amazing. the best things in life- berry-picking at sunrise, washing my face with the garden hose, cuddling newborn kittens, the glorious view of mountains and forest, the river within walking distance... i am in heaven!

i just discovered that my college friend anna just moved to the very farm that dave and lili rent on! right across the street! it's wonderful to have someone so close so near to me. i was in serious need of feminine companionship.

i still feel really guilty for not posting. bloody hell, i'll abandon punctuation as well!

thanks for reading my blog i will make more of an effort to post i am now managing at the biggest gap in oregon i am excited to relinquish my peon status why doesn't my brother have internet how can i live rather how can you live without my wisdom and schmeez droppings

uggghhh now i know what rosie odonnells sick blog feels like