Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cup o' Corn Squeezins

Now that I'm a hick, my overall mentality has slightly changed.

I used to check people. com twice a day- now I check email once a week when I visit my parents with their highly-advanced Netscape dial-up.

Dawson's Creek reruns and reality TV has been replaced with George MacDonald and Red Rose tea.

My current idea of a microwave is setting a plate of food in the sun, ready to eat in one hour.

Because T-Mobile in Oregon is useless, I have no contact with faraway friends, enemies, or acquaintances. I would write, but I don't have anyone's address.

I think my car used to be green.

I'm surprised I can actually remember how to type on this keyboard. I'm going a little nutty, pardner. Thank God I'm starting Jazzercise tomorrow.


Meghan said...

Ahhh ha, a hick. I merely enjoy this because I am now a "dorm girl" complete with hot pink shower flip flops to ensure the foot fungus remains to a minimum. Look how we've grown.

Black Mona said...

at least its more interesting than being "Stable-Working-Girl Jane". or is it?....
-Missing you in Texas (that's how i'm now signing all of my posts)

ps. it was AWESOME chatting with you today!!!

Benihime said...

I'm a stable-working-girl-Jane and I loooooooooathe it. Louise, it's me, Angel teh Imp. New username and blog address, baby- come and visit!

The Bard said...

YEEHAA! Welcome to the sticks Pardah!!!

My how the world in the country, and me in Detroit (insert shudder and a look over the shoulder...)

Wave at the hicks for me!

Emily said...

so Louise, do you remember that bargain we made a loooong time ago (my first semester at Ave)... Well, you said that you bet that I wouldn't be a commuter all four years of college. We bet a cup of coffee. Well, I guess I owe you that cup of coffee. Can I mail it to you? ;-) lol. You're not missing anything in Michigan except the horrible, rainy, gloomy weather that won't leave us alone.

Emilie said...

So hows the Jazzercise going???

Awesome Sean said...


I prefer awesomcise!

Black Mona said...

update. even for not having a computer readily accessible..this is too long. besides...i want to know how the heck you're doin!