Thursday, November 16, 2006

My So-Called Hemorroid

Here are the pictures you've all been waiting for! Enter into the mysterious life of Louise.
No turning back now.

My 14-year-old dog, Pepper.
She's Basset, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, and Beagle

The view from the back porch and kitchen. There are usually about 50 sheep in the field. This is also where the coyotes like to be at night.

My brother and sister-in-law's wonderful dog, Fiona.
She kills raccoons! Fetches sticks! Rolls in poop! Loves to be held! Runs like hell!

This is Panda, the sweetest kitten of them all. I saved her life a few weeks ago when she have a horrible sinus infection.

She's a little bit inbred, though. Her father also happens to be her grandpa.

This is The Fishbowl.
It has just enough room for our couch, bed, and computer. To the left is the main house where Dave and Lili live- we use their kitchen and bathroom.

This is Darin's kitten, Milton. He loves to sit on Darin's shoulder for hours. Speaking of Darin, he has his own blog now.

And yes, that is mac & cheese next to Milton.

I named this bully of a hen after my college friend Katherine, in honor of her family's chicken farm. Heil!

I'm a pretty lucky person.


Kate said...

Wow, that is gorgeous, Weezy. You make me miss countryside!!!

Incidentally, when I saw that heading, I had some trepidation about letting the pictures load up. Very scary.

Black Mona said...

where are the pictures of you??? haha. but i did like the update and your view is to die for. simply breathtaking, i can see why you missed it so much!

Princess Torie said...

Schmeez -
So glad you are back online more often. I missed you. Great pics and I miss you too. More details re: this new phase of life will be forthcoming. Do be patient (Geez - like I know that is SOOO hard for you to do). ;) *snort*
lots of lovin'