Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I'm a natural goth in winter. Fair skin, brownie-black hair, and chains practically dripping off my emaciated body. Okay, maybe not that last part. Nevertheless, it was time for a change.

I made an appointment with the local beauty school. They've never had the fortune of my patronage, but I remember that neon "$4.95 Haircuts" sign from my childhood. I asked the front desk lady for highlights, and I got them. Three and a half hours later. (Seriously, people! Does it truly take that long to get your hair colored?)

Ines, my very young hairdresser, was a definite newbie. When I sat down at her humble hair station, I asked what color would most compliment my skin. Her response was a look of horror, followed by, "Urg, let me get a second opinion."

While Ines put the bleach on my hair, she whimpered, "I hate coloring hair. I try to avoid it whenever I can." Thanks, Ines. Maybe you should consider a different profession. Her teacher would periodically come by, critiquing and offering suggestions. Ines complained, "Jenny, will you stop? It's creepy! Creepy!!" I just sat silently, wondering when I would be released from this chemically-imbalanced hell-hole.

Two excruciating hours later, Ines left me for awhile to let the color set. "Would you like a magazine, Louis?" Groan.

"I'd love a magazine." My bottom was getting sore, and something to read would take my mind off it.

She returned with a copy of Women and Cancer.

Anyway, here's the finished product. Something fun, something different, something I won't do again any time soon.


Meghan said...

Weezy-woo, I love you.

I also love how you're still wincing. This is why at age four I burst into a infant rage and "I hate that woman" in reference to the woman who cut my long hair into a bowl cut. My five year old self feels your trauma.

Despite Ines your hair does look cute by the way. I like the cut.

nina said...

ha ha ha... you are so funny! I love the hair! Yeah copy and paste Dr David... then insert name at top!!! Hurray! Mary Travis wants to frame it! Isn't he sweet... he talks about our team for the first 5 minutes of every class! So cute! Happy December!

Benihime said...

You know me, babe. I lurve your hair when it's dark. But this is cute, inspite of your commitmentphobic hair stylist. How I miss Anne Langbeen! She did my first streaks, ever. If I were you I'd go for some lowlights as well as face-framing light tones, definitely ash blond and butter yellow.

The Bard said...

The post was almost as colorful as your hair..."Women's Cancer" priceless...for everything else, there is mastercard.

Black Mona said...

wheezer! i tried your link and it didn't work...*poo* anywho...LOVED the brendon says...priceless. how is it you get caught up in these ridiculous stories? your children will never be bored.=) miss you schmeeze!

Emily said...

Love the story! Love the highlights! Love you too! :-)

Sean said...

I like it!

I think I will get the same thing done to my hair!

I have been lookin' for a change.

Eric said...

Nice! Me likes a lot!

Strange, but I immediately thought of Darin's t-shirt when I read your post: "Your hairdresser does it better" or something like that.


Anne said...

I know this is a little late but...don't ever go to a beauty SCHOOL to get your hair done! believe me, I've been there on the other side.
But in spite of the fact, from the pics it looks like your hair survived the ordeal quite well.
Thanks for bringing a little joy into my humdrum life!