Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A $2000 Friendship

It all started when my sister had a hankering for some hair dye.

We walked three blocks to the local market, chatting and pondering what color she should try. Fifteen minutes later, we made the purchase (a chocolatey-brown for those who are interested) and exited the building.

Both of us stopped abruptly in our tracks. There she was.

Friends, meet Doris. My new car.

Long live 'For Sale by Owner' cars in the parking lot!


Tom said...

This may seem strange comming from me, well probably not. She is such a cute car. I love it.

Black Mona said...

awww.....weezer! she's perfect for you! yay for cute little cars perfect for their new owners! i hope i like mine.....we'll see!

Emily said...

Doris is loverly!!!!

(and where's that information on the weather out there?!)

Faith said...

Weez- It must have been fate because I haven't even used the hair dye yet- all of a sudden I got nervous that it would hurt the babe in utero. I'm so jealous---
your sister-Faith - proud to be the only family member with legal access to your blog

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lu! Doris is a rocker...the moment you told me about her I knew it was crazy love at first sigt. I'm so happy you were able to make her your own. You should strap a samurai sword to the top and you're totally B Kiddo Oregon style! ;) I love and miss you!! I can't wait to come visit...pretty much just to ride in your sweet car...ok and to patt your bottom, geez. xo, Asia

Bernadette said...

she's beautiful! and I like her size too...I just hope she is able to last the weather!

Acting Ensign said...

cute car!

Meghan said...

If Louise was a car she would adorable blue hottie. I love it, Weez.