Monday, October 13, 2008

I Confess

Let's be honest.

I confess that I make a mini-pot of coffee every morning. The first cup is out of necessity. The second and a half cup is because I love the taste.

I confess that I cleaned the kitchen this afternoon in my new black pumps.

I confess that I stole and ate most of Darin's hidden chocolate.

I confess that I love some nieces and nephews more than others.

I confess that I threw away Darin's "King Arthur" dvd because it sucks so bad.

I confess that I forgot to give Roey a bath for almost 2 weeks.

I confess that I have eaten my coworker's leftovers she threw away. (One time, okay?)

I confess that my daughter is perfect; I pity people that aren't her mother.

I confess that Roey and I sleep in until 11 am every morning.

I confess that I love going into work so I can miss my baby.

I confess that I am kind of in TV love with Jim Halpert.

I confess that I have imagined killing the yippy neighbor dog.

I confess that I avoid Facebook as of late because I miss my friends so badly. It just hurts too much sometimes.

I confess that I spend some afternoons raiding my closet and making outfits.

I confess that I drink the last bit of wine from the bottle. No wine glass needed.

I confess that I intentionally ripped Darin's high-school underwear so he would make the conscious decision to dispose of it.

I confess that I only have an active MySpace account to spy on Darin's coworkers. Their concepts of relationships are so foreign to me... definitely voyeuristic on my part.

I confess that Roey almost just fell out of my lap.

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E said...

i hear ya on a lot of those!! You sound great!!