Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bursting Oil

Per request of Darin, I write this post.

Blame him.

Back when I was circa fifteen, I would often visit the B family. These wealthy loggers/realtors owned a vast 40,000 acres which included a gorgeous lake. Swimming, boating, salamander catching, crawdad roasting... a perfect place to channel the stinky and dirty side of life. While enjoying the scenery, of course.

One afternoon, a B son and I canoed around the lake, exploring hidden inlets and apprehending minnows. At one point the bottom of the canoe hit a stump, causing me to jerk forward and lay my hand on my friend's back to steady myself.

Comedy happened.

The boy winced in pain, shrugged his shoulders up to his ears, and fairly screamed with a nasal "OW! My ACNE!"

This phrase has oozed its way (pardon the pun) into my marriage's vocabulary. Darin often mentions the pubescent trials of "winter backne." I recently reached for my moisturizer only to see "Crackne Medication" written on it.

Has this jest from my past reached its inevitable demise?

No. Pimples will always be funny.


Black Mona said...

THAT was an hilarious story! too funny!!! i guess thank God for small miracles(i never had "backne" problems)

Angel Roth said...

So THAT's where it came from. So many questions answered... I never had backne either. Poor Darin- maybe you should get him one of those brushes on a stick.
I got an amusing story, tho. I fell out of bed this morning after straining my legs.

Cola said...

Louise, you always have the best stories! Thanks for the laugh!

Meghan said...


laugh out loud "ew" but nonetheless, "ew"

Call me!

Louise said...

I promise that this is the end of the Pimple Theme! At least for now.

Emily said...



Where there is gold... said...

hé hé hé, my brothers always got it pretty bad in the summer. But I get zits on my shoulders and collar bone the most, which is really annoying if I want to wear any kind of low or scooped neck outfit. I envy all the girls that never had zits anywhere but on their faces. Those are the normal kind that society can forgive, the others are the ones people go, like meghan said, ewwww over.
And they do hurt if you press them the wrong way!

"OW! My ACNE!"

Missing you and your real life humor,


OMG! lol my verification fits perfectly, and I am not making this up either! It is: apolwcne
Apolo with acne! That would be a sight, the sun god with zits.
Maybe Angel can draw it as an anime?

Louise said...

Havilah, you're hilarious.

APOLWCNE to you, too!