Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Too Lazy for a Real Post

It is Spring Break at my alma mater. This is why I am perpetually present, pretending that I am, once again, a brooding college student. Some tibidgins:

A toast to Quentin Tarantino

Monica, the girl in every picture

Meghan and Monica's death wish

A ten-minute study break with Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde

I'm running off to work now. Ciao, my loves!


The Last Balancer said...

Louise, your awsomeness never fails to amaze.

Angel Roth said...

Buh-buh-bangs? I am agog. Bangs. I never pictured you with bangs. Just...bangs on schmeezy. Bangarang. Bang-bang-boom. Kiss-kiss bang-bang. Bangladesh. Boomerbang. Bang to rights. If you say bang long enough, the word makes no sense. I'm going to have to lie down and contemplate Louise's bangaliciousness for a while.

Wench #2 said...





(at least, that special dirty kind of spring that you can only find so poignantly IN Ypsi.)


I approve. And agree with Angel, except I saw the bangs in January. (and they still remind me a little of Faith!)

when are you coming, LOU???

Louise said...

I left out the picture of me naked in Shoprite.

Emily said...

I like the new hairdo Louise... it looks really cute! And the pics rock!

Bernadette said...

you never think that people can live and change without you. Well, at least that's what I thought in my own little world. Didn't you all get the memo? Life is supposed to freeze until I'm there to enjoy it.

Ave peeps! I miss you!

lou, I like the hair, but it definitely takes some getting used to.

ange, the word 'bang' never did make any sense. especially not when you're trying to explain it to a romanian.

Black Mona said...

yeah for Spring break and pictures!!! lou, i miss you! when are you going to take over our room again?

Louise said...

Tonight. MWA HA HA HA!

Meghan said...

Where is Weez? It has been two spring break days without you! Gah! I promise I'm not "on-duty" anymore.

Thomas said...

I saw you today!

You dropped a phone!

Chris wanted red boxers!

Then I got coffee!

The end!!

Louise said...

You're right, Thom!!! I think I'll have to buy Chris those boxers. They looked great.

The Last Balancer said...

You blog hasplode! Why do you neglect us?

Louise said...

I'll kill you.