Monday, November 23, 2009

Love at $20 a Pair

I am always searching for a good pair of shoes. Lately, the criteria includes a versatile classic boot not made in China-land. Of course, the only boots really worth investing in are Fryes. I mean, Confederate soldiers wore the Frye Harness boot! Not taking sides here, but their military garb sure was cool-lookin'. Unfortunately, at circa 200 bones a pair, Frye boots are out of the question.

A shoe-mazing thing happened today... the story begins yesterday. On Craiglist of all places! I found 2 brand-spanking new pairs of Frye Harness boots for $20 dollars a pair. You should probably read the last sentence again, because it's amazing. What's even more fantastic is that I was the one who claimed them yesterday, paid and received for them today, and am currently wearing them! (Black on left, brown on right.) The nice, saintly lady who sold them was really surprised how popular they are: "I just can't wait to delete all those emails about those darn shoes!" The boots were just gathering dust and cobwebs in the back of her closet!

Darin is currently purchasing mink oil from Freddy's so I can give my new babies a bath. Sigh... I am just so materialistically happy about them.


The Vintage Modern Girl said...

oh my goodness! Frye boots for $20??? i envy you, i do! :-)

Louise said...

I almost didn't want to share the news, for fear it would create animosity. But I risked it. :-) Here here for awesome deals!