Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Hullo, copious amounts of devoted readers! Much love to you and your families on this first day of the year and (for you Cathaholics) happy Feast Day of Mary, Mother of God!

Here are some resolutions of mine to help get you started:

1) Schedule a time to exercise each day instead of my usual randomness.

2) Eat less sugar. I am not currently pregnant and have not been for almost 2 years-- so quit it, you!

3) Learn to not buy things just because they are on sale. 'Basically free' is not free.

4) Burn more incense.

5) Sew, sew, sew! Force mom to sew something with me.

6) Write a letter a week. (A real live paper letter! That one puts in the mailbox! With a stamp and everything! Gee whiz!)

7) Be more loving.

8) Have a baby.

9) Keep the house clean and beautiful.

10) Buy red boots. (I need them. I really do.)

11) Store up treasures in heaven! Pray more.

12) Read good books and watch good movies. (This is slight cheating, because I do this anyway. I am currently reading Chesterton's Father Brown mysteries and am going to start watching Rope in a moment.)

Good luck with your resolutions! May you keep them and avoid breaking their little nagging hearts.


Tamiian Family said...

ok- we are sisters- I saw Rope last week- just watched Rear Window last night

Faith said...

Those ARE beautiful boots! I have a few of the same resolutions. What kind of incense? Gimme some linkage, sis!

mr z said...

Hi Missie Lu ~ just took a moment to look @ ur wackie blog...its so U...perhaps 1 of ur 2do dream items should be replaced w/ this one
:-) Blessings on this day of the Baptism of the Lord! mr z