Friday, January 08, 2010

Straighten Up

We recently had a Pizza & Game night with our Portland pals Patty and Keenan. It was great to catch up after the crazy holiday season. And what better way to celebrate than with experimenting with my hair straightener?

Patty's beautiful curls before:

And the after. Rowena (who was too excited to sleep just yet)
was very content to cuddle with "Pappy".

Isn't this a gorgeous picture? Sheesh.

To no one's surprise, Keenan wanted to get into the action, too.
Just look at those shiny tendrils!

The unfortunate result:

Keenan is such a good sport! He even wore one of Roey's little pink clips to keep his bangs back during Whoonu.


mkoleary said...

only seeing the pics of Keenan from the couch said "did he straiten his hair? that looks awful!" lol

Penny said...

Heehee some people just shouldn't use hair straighteners!

Faith said...

Super cute!

Moni Rose said...

my husband had a very similar terrible look like Keenans when once he had some girl in college straighten his hair!
egad Keenan, revive those curls!

patty said...

Needless to say, i chopped off a great portion of keenan's hair the very next day.