Monday, January 16, 2006

Day 1

An Airplane Haiku

Bunking with strangers
O my Lord I bumped his arm
How my buttocks aches

For the first time in years I wasn’t scared that foreigners would hijack the plane. I was able to enjoy the geometric farmland and decipher crop circles. The long flight and lack of sleep and food paid off. Home was sorely missed.

After a joyful reunion, Mom and I drove to Dave’s school where he is headmaster. (I know. They call him headmaster.) We had a quick lunch at Dave’s favourite café. Please note the English spelling of “favorite.” This charming hole-in-the-wall simply cannot be described with white-trash American spelling.

Costello’s Travel Café, with its burnt golden and sage interior, is perfection… a choice place to unwind and philosophize. My brother generously treated Mom and I to a late lunch. I ordered spicy chai and an Amsterdam pannini. My steaming drink was served with a fern delicately imprinted on the foam. I took a sip- I now know what Edmund tasted when he accepted Jadis’ sustenance. Spicy… warm… tingly… smooth … I always wondered what was in that mug.

The grilled pannini finally arrived, stuffed with chicken breast, provolone, fresh basil pesto, and tomatoes. A side of romaine drizzled with a light vinaigrette accompanied the meal. I love being with David, so this was a perfect beginning to my visit.

Mom and I drove home, where I met our new kitten Tib and tried to win Lulabelle back, to no avail. After I visited Faith and her two kids, I went to Caren’s. Argh. After an over-enthusiastic greeting, she proceeded to put her acting skills to practice in everything she said and did. I ache for her. She is so unhappy with herself, and her children suffer for it. Tonight is Gemma’s 1st birthday party- she looks like she hasn’t aged since I last saw her six months ago… so small and thin. I want to rip Caren’s business manuals away from her, smack her (hard), and force her to make the children priorities, not burdens.

All in all, I am so happy to be back. I miss Darin, but I don’t miss the Midwest.

The West is Best.
(My apologies for the late post, but my parent's dial-up connection suffers.)


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