Thursday, January 19, 2006

Day 4 1/2

Consensus: Dial-up is the devil's spawn.

I have a few good posts in the works, however, completion is futile between Tib's bellows and Mom's ramblings.

Example: She looked up my name on myspace... she noticed that my status was "single." I never thought I'd have to say to my own mother, "No, I am not looking for guys on the internet!"
Change the default profile settings, people. Change them now.
I'm glad I can laugh about this.


Emily said...

I hate dial up internet... it depresses me greatly. I can't DO anything. I always have to wait to do everything on the fast computers at Ave.

Fightgar said...

Dial up?? that Monstrosity is still around...slowly but surely cable internet is taking over...just like google

Angel Roth said...

Oh Louise...what are you up to now?

Louise said...


The Last Balancer said...

I am lord of dialup multitasking. . . I can get twenty things done while I wait for another twenty to load. Hoorah. That, and the all-night-stay-up-to-download-something-huge. Great fun for the whole family.

aektibs. . . that has a lot of vowels in it.