Saturday, January 28, 2006

These Crazy Pills are Delightful!

"I was picking my nose and looking at my computers, that's all!"

Darin is funniest when he doesn't mean to be. He constantly makes unexpected, strange comments, causing me to laugh like I'm taking crazy pills. (Unexpected and strange?!? Add bacon and it's a perfect combo meal!) I spend a lot of time rolling on the carpet during our conversations. Here's the typical rundown of things-
  1. Darin makes funny statement without realizing its potential.
  2. I laugh.
  3. Darin thinks, "You like that, huh? Well, listen to this!"
  4. Darin expands on previous statement, this time not too funny.
  5. Laughter dwindles.
  6. Darin repeats first successful statement with confidence.
  7. Laughter resumes.
I like him.

*Untimely change of topic*

I asked Angel tonight if she feels slightly embarrassed to reveal her occupation when asked by current AMC affiliates. Angel, like me, currently associates with the work-a-day secular world. Little imp answered me with a resounding "YES!" (So glad I'm not alone in this.)

"YES! Lord, YES! Actually, I'm setting the world on fire with a new Catholic drama. And I am the personal secretary to Mel Gibson!"

Oh, Angel. What are you up to now... *personal joke- ask me if interested*

I miss my girl friends. Poor Darin's estrogen levels are at an all-time high from listening to my "feelings" and weird feminine psycho-babble. The guy lives in a cross-bred world of American Idol, polka-dots, and menstrual cycles. When he starts moisturizing, I'll begin to worry.

A special shout-out (is that the term the kids are using these days?) to neighbor-girl Mandy who consented to marry long-time beau Justin. Break out the AirHog!

And there I was, naked in Shoprite.


The Last Balancer said...

Wow. Naked in Shoprite. O_o This traumatizes me more than I would like to admit. Not the naked, so much, I mean, hey, even Job talked about being naked, but Shoprite? Louise, you disappoint me, I really thought you had better taste in places to run around nak-

Wait! What the hell am I saying??

I am going home now.

Tell Darren to email me.

-The Corwin

Black Mona said...

wheezy....all i can say is that if you miss your girls....WHY DON'T YOU VISIT???? we would more than love to have you and we all miss you like crazy!! come tomorrow night and we can have a girls night!

Louise said...

Corwin, could that qualify as harrassment? Perhaps it could- ooh, the possibilities!

Angel Roth said...

On whose part should it qualify as harassment. *Sigh* You know I warned you about dangling participles.