Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Pocketful of Splenda

It was so great to see Darin again! He is my sole consolation in regards to my return to this grey, cold, world. *agonized scream*

I arrived yesterday evening, sore rear in hand. Fully convinced that I would burst into tears at any moment, Darin jumped out the of car. He was so happy to see me and... giddy, actually. I'm glad to be back. Good ol' Darin. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Then, *edited for content*

*edited for content*

And *edited for content*

Yes, it is good to be back.

Oh, and why the unrelated title? I really do have Splenda in my pocket. As the official sweetener of Room 37, I pilfer at least ten packets per coffeehouse visit.


Wench #2 said...

Yaaaay Splenda! Thank you for remembering, Lou!

And welcome back to our timezone!

Angel Roth said...

Wow. I have sunk so low as to buying Splenda at the store. But I am glad you're back. When can we talk?

Fightgar said...


Black Mona said...

all hail the mighty Splenda!
and figure out this while you're at it: WOTD: rxdbfuo
it almost sounds like some sort of prescription something....yuck

Mel said...

: ) glad to have you back, Weez.

btw, trolling for guys on the internet is nothing to be ashamed of

Where there is gold... said...

As I have heard so much here: Oh la la!!
I wonder what you edited. lol

Glad that you got back ok Weez.

Splenda is nice, but I am not sure it is very good for your insides... You got any medical info on that stuff?


The Last Balancer said...

Splenda. . . . x.x Unspeakable awfulness. It makes my liver go, "dycqtm", but in Russian.
Oh yes, Russian.

Glad you have returned in one, Splanda infested peice.

Emily said...

Mich is horrid. I am surprised u came back at all. ;-)