Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm heeeere.

Holidays are hectic.

Like clockwork, I contracted an illness before Christmas which barred all speaking abilities. In addition, I worked full-time in retail.

*pause for effect*

Please don't. I've wept enough for all of us.

The important thing is, I'm back. And at a very opportune time, too. Tomorrow morning, I'm flyin' outta this Midwest wasteland of cold and ghetto, and into the land of lollipops and pumpkins! West coast, baby.

Why should you give me another chance, you may ask? AHEM.

My eldest sister, i.e. The Ice Queen, has more or less disowned the rest of the family because of a dispute between her husband Joe and my dear brother Dave. She feels that everyone has taken my brother's side in this abomination of her husband's character and business integrity. Let me add that the truth is quite clear.

In short, I am going to have an exciting eleven days at home. I foresee a cross between Jerry Springer, Dr. Laura, and EWTN. Despite all potential crap, I can't wait to see my family and pets. It's been so long since I've spent non-stressed quality time with my mom. (Let me tell ya, wedding planning does not bring out the best in people.)

In conclusive conclusion, say a little prayer for my flight. I'll be sure to update as much as possible. With pictures! And profanity! And Jujubes!



Angel Roth said...

How Funny, schmeeze. We are both leaving at the same time, same day. DAMMIT!! I talk to you and we kick back some ideas before you leave, hokay?
qudskwk- The sound of a duck slipping in a windex factory .

Mel said...


Louise said...

Oh Angel, how I would caress your jowls.


Fightgar said...

hey i'm flying today too, or already have. i got sick and throw up. those helios can make some sharp turns.

have fun out here

Meghan said...

May the vacation be as traumatic and joyful as expected.

Where there is gold... said...

I hope it goes well for you, Weezy. Your lucky to be able to see your family! I would love to have a visit to my home about now.

Happy trip Pretty lady!

My varification for today is: "hd- uy-tlje" The sound I make when I try to hold in my sneeze then realize that their is no one to hear it so I might as well let it spray. ;-)