Monday, January 04, 2010

Disturbing Behavior

My brother David (who gets home from Iraq today for a 2-week visit- YAY) gave me a candle tin a few years ago. Inside this tin was not a candle, nor anything scented or soothing. Nestled inside was a dirty doll head with matted hair and freakish blue eyes. I have always kept this trinket for sentimental reasons and it's just so funny to see people's perplexed reactions when they open it.

Darin took some interesting pictures of Doll Head today with Rowena's assistance. I just had to share them.

"Can I have a hug?"

This last one is very dark and blurry,
which makes it all the more creepy.

Well, have a weirdly wonderful day!
We are having some friends over for dinner and an "Inglourious Basterds" viewing.
See you soon!


Dear Sweet Mother said...

ICKY, poor Roey. She is being held hostage by a chuckie lookalike. don't worry Ro...Grandma will save you.

Faith said...

I didn't get this at first.... it is so proportionate- how did you do this?
I'm afraid.

mkoleary said...

i think the last is my favorite; all that movement under the freakish head

Megen Z. said...

Ahh! Scary. You should save these to show Ro's future boyfriends (whichever ones you want to get rid of) someday.

Angelie said...

Wow. Also, I need to discuss Inglourious with you, as I have been fluctuating between opinions on it.