Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Getting to know me

1. Laughs are good. Laugh a lot. Humor is not from Beelzebub.

2. As a strong Catholic, I invite anyone to disagree with me. Let's discuss our differences and embrace our similarities. I love my Catholic faith and believe in everything She teaches. Bring any questions to the table and we'll talk!

3. Books rock my world. From Poirot to Betsy & Tacy, from Theology of the Body to Harry Potter, books trump television in a major way.

4. ...But I do like my TV... I am a follower of TCM, "Desperate Housewi
ves," "What Not to Wear," "How Do I Look?," and am trying on "Reunion" for size.

5. Gumby is the greatest cartoon ever made. Who agrees with me?

6. Van Gogh is a genius. My brother has a mug with his portrait on it: when you pour hot liquid into the mug, his ear disappears. I could amuse myself with that cup all day.

7. Although I adore Gene Kelly with an unhealthy passion, no one compares to Fred Astaire.

8. I have a coffee addiction. My new favorite is the "Jack Daniel's" blend. I am not a lush by any means, but the java has a lovely subtle flavor.

9. Marriage is more difficult in certain ways than I thought it would be and easier in others. Now when I am angry, I can't run back to my dorm room in tears and make cookies with my girls. Darin and I are now forced to immediately solve the conflict. This has been challenging, but wonderful for our relationship as well.

10. My confirmation saint is Perpetua.

11. My favorite accessory? Shoes! (On Sale!) Oh, and a good lip gloss is crucial to any face.

12. Because of my friend Angel, a White Russian is my current alcoholic beverage of choice. My classic favorite is a "Bun Warmer," hot chocolate with a generous amount of peppermint Schnapps.

13. A "half-assed Catholic" is one who has no intention of following the teachings of the Church, yet calls oneself a Catholic. I have little tolerance for half-assed Catholics. If you're gonna do somethin', do it right! I will temporarily step down from the podium.

14. I love to exercise! Jazzercise is a great way to do it. Cardio, strength, stretch, dance... it's a blast. My instructer Sophia is amazing and oh so fun.

15. My family: I am the youngest of five- 3 sisters and a brother. We are all amazingly different, too. My parents are hippy pagans turned staunch catholics. Very funny people.

16. I just quit my job at an insurance company for several reasons: first, my boss would shamelessly gossip/lie about others in the office. Secondly, he was dishonest about the job's perks and pay. Thirdly, I am much too fun for insurance.

17. I love my animals. I have a black mutt named Pepper, Lulabelle the cat (my pride and joy), and a mother-daughter kitty duo named Betsy and Tacy. Sadly, they live with my parents on the west coast, so I don't see them often.

18. I think I am getting a job at the GAP. Heaven. For a job.

19. Switchfoot is an amazing band! Check 'em out. They are one of the very few secular bands who support the pro-life cause.

20. Darin and I definitely want a lot of kids, but we are postponing right now with Natural Family Planning because he is still in school for Graphic Design.

21. No, NFP is not "Catholic Birth Control."

22. My friend Megen says I dance "ghetto." I say she's probably right.

23. Did I mention I love being Catholic?

24. If I could do anything at all, I would perform for a living. Acting and music are my passions, and I must admit that I am very good at them. My grandfather was an actor, too. (Most of his career was in theatre.) I would have loved to meet him.

25. I used to show horses, but it proved to be the type of thing that whoever has the most money does the best. I plan to get more horses someday and just have fun with them- no unnecessary competition.

26. A major reason I started this blog is to write more and write better. I want to keep up on my edumacation. Oh, and I would love to make new friends and keep old ones through this blogamajig, too. Thanks for reading!


Julie D. said...

Hi Louise! Love your list and couldn't agree more on #23 & #13 (of course!). As Rose (my 15-year-old) once said, "Why are so many people proud of being half assed about their faith?" I don't get it either.

I'm also totally on board with #7 and #3 and to a lesser degree #4 (only because we obviously watch totally different shows ... Prison Break, Lost, Veronica Mars ... and I still mourn the loss of Firefly, though the new Serenity movie ROCKS!).

Now to serious business. Where can I get a Van Gogh mug like that?

Arwen/Elizabeth said...

Welcome back to blogging, girl! I love your list.

I wanted to give you a little support in the job-quitting thing, 'cause I just did it. It looks like we both got taken in by sketchy employers... not a happy state of affairs. But hooray for walking away from a situation like that! I'm glad for you that you did it.

I've still got HP #6 for you, so let me know when you want it.

Chris said...

Hi, Louise! Nice blog. Just a comment--Switchfoot is not a secular band. Even though they're getting lots of mainstream play now, they are and always have been a Christian band.

Louise said...

I know that the guys of Switchfoot are Christian and the themes in the music are Christian, but they do not have a Christian label (Sony is their record label). Unfortunately, I have never even heard a Switchfoot song played on a Christian radio station. (note: Why is "Awesome God" still played all the bloody time?)

Rebecca said...

Hey Louise -

Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the nice comment! You have a great little place here too, and I love the wedding pics - you're right, your wedding did rock! Our Catholic wedding was very small and jam packed with other things (like confirmation and first communion!) but seeing your awesome pictures made me so happy to be finally Catholic too. It's like joining a really big family, and being from a really small natural family, that's something to be thankful for.

I'll be blogrolling you and will be back!

PS: I love the half-assed Catholic line in this post. Great stuff. Keep up the fiesty attitude, you wear it well!

Philothea Rose said...

Hey, so were you on NET (I refer to you profile about being on an evagelization team from St. Paul)? Here where I live is like a NET alumni homebase! What year were you? Cuz I know people from like 1989 on. Personally, in high school it was my "plan" to go one day, but then a funny thing happened...I got married :) .

#3. I also love Agatha Christie and recently discovered that I also love Harry Potter. I agree books trump TV, but...

#4 I DO like my Veronica Mars, Lost, Alias, and (my new love) My Name is Earl. However, I must admit that I was giving Reunion a try as well, but the last episode left much to be desired in terms of acting and writing. They have one more show to impress or I'm ditching it.

Nice to meet you. See you around the blogosphere!

Louise said...

Philothea rose-
Yes, I was on NET! I was on Team 5 2000-2001. My sister was on it in the early 90s for two years. Her name was Caren. Anyway, it's a small world!

My mom is trying to get me to watch "My Name is Earl," but I haven't gotten a chance to yet. And I completely agree with you about "Reunion." I want to find out who actually freakin' died, and then I will probably end our relationship because the cast is not convincing.

Anyway, I am sure that we know some of the same people! Awesome! Nice to meet ya, too!