Friday, October 21, 2005

To my neglected readers

As I am acquainting myself with the new work schedule, I haven't been posting as often. My apologies, oh illustrious blog viewers. Here are some highlights/lowlights of the week thus far:

  1. Working at the GAP has been great! Compared to my old insurance job? Let's just say that we actually have a training program regarding what the job entails, unlike said insurance co.- And I am a believer that insurance is more important than fashion. That was the hardest part of working for the insurance company. I may have royally screwed up people's life insurance because of my lack of training.
  2. The first few weeks of a new job is the hardest part for me because of the criticism. I don't like it when "the scary turtleneck lady" (a moniker which my co-worker Azra gave one of the managers) constantly informs me of the "way things are done." I mean, I'm still learning! Don't take that tone with me! Wench! But seriously, I don't mind that much. She's just a scary turtleneck lady that overdoes her job.
  3. Going from seeing Darin too much to not seeing him at all has put a strain on our relationship. We're actually in a "fight" right now... well, actually... I am in a fight with him. The apologetic messages on my cell to giving me much-needed back massages do not change the inherent fact that I am a stubborn German woman. Groan.
  4. The leaves are finally changing and I love it! On the west coast we don't have many trees that change colors. Very beautiful.
  5. I still miss my crazy mom.
  6. I desperately need chapstick. If anyone has seen a tube of Burt's Bees sans label, please contact my dry lips.
  7. Hey, you know how McDonald's has been advertising their "Premium Roast" coffee? Well, I finally tried it yesterday morning on my way to work. It's GOOD! Better than Tim Horton's.
  8. I need to pray more. I need more motivation. I feel very secular right now, and I am not sure when/how to combat it.
Thanks for stopping by! I promise that my next post will cover something more interesting. Au revoir!


Kate said...

Re #1 - Glad you like it!
#3 - There are always things to 'fight' about. Fortunately, there are always things to love one another for, so it all works out in the wash.
#4 - I've always loved the autumn. Except now I get to groan about heating costs.
#7 - Better than Tim Hortons? Heretic!
#8 - Start a newlyweds share/prayer group with Arwen. I'm serious - if you're feeling dry, more than likely you need more fellowship. Heck, if you meet at a regular time, I might even join you (if you don't mind Gui's distracting presence). Maybe Emily would be interested too. And pray with your husband. Even when you're mad at him - it's good for both of you.


Meghan said...

WeezyWen! I love you and return your Virtual Hug! (<-- I will also continue to Randomly capitalize Words as this is startlingly Fun) Glad to hear job is offering things to laugh about/rant about like scary turtleneck lady. I miss you, and yes, we must hang out. Sat. and Sun. are looking free. Love you.

Thomas said...

which gap? maybe I could come in with my bling bling and wow some teenage girls. :)

Margaret said...

Your blog is so much fun. Don't profane Tim Horton's--there aren't any within a 50-mile radius of the Florida campus and I'm sick to death of Starbucks. Did you do NET? How was it for you?

Louise said...

Kate, Maggie, and other TH lovers-

I am still a Tim Horton's fan! Keep in mind that I am a West Coast gal that prefers her coffee to resemble dirty car oil.

Mel said...

mmm, dirty car oil...

Weezy, I need you back in choir- without you there, Mrs. Fed gets to concentrate more on how badly I sing. She keeps poking me in the stomach!

Louise said...

Ah, the good old days. When annoyance was a positive thing, when choir directors poked fun at their own wigs, when I'd get a daily spanking...

Mel said...

...that can still be arranged. wish i could escape babyland :-P

are you working today??

Angel Roth said...

Aw schmeeze!!!Talk to me. I'm plotting another escape to michigan as soon as the labor gods have been propitiated with enough libations.

Princess Torie said...

just a note to say hi - and we are still waiting for you to stop by and say hi. maybe you should post your Gap hours, so that all of us that dont get to see you enough can come harrass you at your place of business. ;) its the least we could do!
miss you,

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Where do I get this comment posting set up that you have Weezy? You just gots to let me know. So until you do I will be celebrating corn and corn alone day…alone. Unable to watch the WB because the nearest TV is, ugh only 23 meters from me and it’s broken. So get it on like ditty kong and email me.