Saturday, October 15, 2005

Inlaw Lovin'

My in-laws are visiting this weekend. Which is good. I like them a lot and we've known each other for years. Things are a tad awkward right now- Darin went to work, leaving me with them for eight hours. Mr. Dad is tinkering with the beautiful oak dresser he built for us (and a bedside table to match!) while Mrs. Mom reads a book about Celtic spirituality. I, on the other hand, alternate between reading my latest Agatha Christie, surfing the net, and changing outfits on a whim. These various activities are dotted with conversation about nothing in particular.

This is the first time the Mr. and Mrs. have visited Darin and I since we've been married. I have definitely impressed them with my unique culinary and Feng-Shui decorating skills. Napoleon Dynamite says, "Yesss." I am very different from my husband's parents. I have absolutely no qualms about disagreeing and arguing with Mr. Dad about ethics and religion, making me the antithesis of his placid wife. I don't think he's used to lasses of a fiery nature such as myself. That's what a Catholic liberal arts education will do to ya. And compared to Mrs. Mom I am a sloppy disaster. No wonder Darin had a hard time with my ability to actually leave the dishes in the sink overnight.

In 30 minutes, we are meeting Darin at Applebee's. I feel like steak. Take that literally if you like. Oh, and tonight I am going to treat our guests to classic film viewing pleasure.
***Brace yourselves for this next comment. Stop reading completely if you are prone to heart failure and/or hemorroids.***

My inlaws have never seen a Fred Astaire movie.

Have no fear- this enigmatic issue will be resolved as of 9 p.m. Eastern time.

UPDATE: I miss my mom and dad desperately. I miss their quirky personalities, their immature way of arguing, their innate understanding of who I am, my mother's raucous laugh, my dad's annoyingly obvious comments... I am homesick and I need "love vibes" from Mutti. (This is when she hums while holding me super tightly.) This weekend visit has deepened my need for mom and dad. I called Ma after they left and cried,"I need you! Even though you and Pop annoy the hell out of me sometimes, I need you!" She understood perfectly.


Joseph G8S said...

Yay Louise,
You bust them culinary skills out, show them in-laws that their son married no average girl, but a top of the line, fragrant rose whose diamond dew drops sparkle forth in love an joy. love the posts Louise!!

Princess Torie said...

I found you! Horray for cybersapce and my apparent inablility to spell correctly. Stop by the office sometime - we miss you! :)
hope all is well!

Thomas said...

hey Weezy - I just noted we checked the same answer to the "what's your occupation" question in our profiles, if you haven't checked mine out yet ya really should. :)

Meghan said...

Weezy, you are indeed a fiery lass. And thank God for it. That and for you introducing Fred Astaire to others. I'm stil waiting for a Fred Astaire night. Oh and can you come by Ave tomorrow night? Because I think you should. We're watching It Happened One Night at 7:30.

Anonymous said...


and I didn't even KNOW you had a blog until the Imp told me last night.


the wench of I. P.

Louise said...

do I know you? And it's okay that you pee, because everybody does it. I hope you keep reading!!!

Thomas said...

hehe, I remember being fred astaire for that hollywood murder mystery evening... "has anyone seen ginger? she tends to be terribly fond of the gin at these sorts of things..."