Thursday, October 06, 2005

Just give me a d@mn job!

I feel at peace with my decision to leave the sketchy insurance company. No more jokes about rewarding a job well done with milk and cookies instead of a stiff drink at the bar like "normal people," no more secret meetings solely dedicated to trashing other employees, and no more "Join-us-and-make-40K-a-year!" false promises. I've spent much of this past week watching the Style network, scouring antique stores for my much-needed dose of Agatha Christie paperbacks, Jazzercising (it's not just for blue-hairs anymore!), and hangin' with hubby.

On a whim, I went into the mall yesterday to see if the GAP was hiring. Yes, they are. Yes, I interviewed on the spot because the manager's 3 o'clock appointment didn't show. Yes, I had a second interview with the merchandising manager this morning. Yes, they love me. Moral of the story- start potentially crappy days with a Memorare.

I believe I will get the job. I'm pleased, but a little heartbroken because this means that I probably won't be able to fly home for Christmas, as the holidays are when the employees are most needed. Sigh. I desperately want to go home for the holidays. But who can resist a 50% discount?

On a lighter note, my Astaire & Rogers DVD Collection came today. I'll make Darin watch The Barkleys of Broadway with me tonight before he pulls yet another all-nighter at work. When he has to work all night, I stay up as late as possible so we can sleep together longer when he comes back at 8 am.

I know this next paragraph will not flow as well as a college graduate's "professional" blog should, but this is funny. I walked in the apartment yesterday and Darin was asleep on the couch with nothing on but my bright yellow ladybug boxers. (Laugh, twitter, tweet)

I 'll be back later. In the meantime, enjoy this wedding picture.


Kate said...

You two are gorgeous!

Heck, Weezy, if I ran a store I would want you selling my stuff. You make the Energizer bunny look lazy. Plus, every day is better with a helping of insanity on the side. :-)

dwain said...

Since you list Lucy Maud as one of your favorite authors, I must ask you if you've read Emily of New Moon. If you have, isn't it wonderful? If you haven't...why not?


Louise said...

I have read the Emily series, and they are absolutely beautiful. But.. I was always a tad disappointed that Emily never got her first kiss! (Or at least no juicy description which I looked forward to so much!)

dwain said...

I confess that Emily not getting kissed isn't a detail that I remember, so I don't think I was bothered by it. I was bothered, however, by the odd relationship between Emily and Jarback (I can't remember his real name). It was slightly--extremely--disturbing for its nearly pedophilic nature. Granted I had a major crush on Emily too, but I had a real struggle with Jarback and Emily growing as close as they did. Actually, I think what disturbed me most was that I wanted them to get together because he's my favorite male character (after Cousin Jimmy, of course), so I was rooting for the good guy who was also the bad guy, in a way. Cultural dilemma!

Louise said...

It's been a long while since I've read them, so I need to refresh my memory. But yes... I have a tendency to root for the bad guy as well. :-)