Monday, October 31, 2005

May your Halloween be better than my Yesterday

Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day- a pumpkin day. Alas, I spent most of yesterday in bed. This is the tactic I famously use when I am depressed. The entire day started out horribly and continued to be horrible. (I will not incriminate any husbands.) At a certain point I felt so numb that the tears just poured down my expressionless face. Feeling like a complete waste of space, disappointed in my unused, uninteresting theology degree, furious at my in-laws for asking Darin how much I got paid, furiouser at Darin for answering, missing home, regretting my choices, wanting more out of life, just plain angry... But the worst part about yesterday? My mom had emergency surgery.

I got a semi-panicked call from my brother Dave about noon. Apparently mom had been rushed to the hospital just moments after I talked to her Saturday night while dad was on a weekend retreat. She was having stomach pains, so I told her it "must have been the Splenda." I also gave her the bad advice of ordering in from our favorite Mexican restaurant and renting old movies. Good one, Louise.

Warning- Gross description to follow: Turns out that mom had a fifteen-year-old lump of fat on her stomach that formed in order to protect her body for some reason. (My mother has a lot of health problems, so we're not sure why.) Her intestine started to strangle the lump, causing it to leak. Luckily, no intestine was damaged and the surgery was successful. After a few days in the hospital, mom should be back to her definition of 'normal.'

After Darin forced me out of bed, we went on a walk through the leaf-flooded ravine behind our apartment. The weird day ended with alcohol, ice cream, and Monsters, Inc. Considering the circumstances, I slept very well.

I hereby declare that today will be a Good Day! I have the entire day to read/relax, my triceps ache gloriously from my morning workout, my coffee is dark and delicious, and What Not to Wear is on in twenty minutes. Things can only get better from here, right? Right? Um... Guys?

Happy Halloween, everybody!


Kate said...

Fingers crossed, Weezie.

btw, you are a wonderfully twisted individual (for which we all love you), your degree wasn't a waste of time and money, no-one gives a shit how much or little you earn, your mom is going to be fine, God loves you, and What Not To Wear rocks. Having a good day yet? ;-)

Louise said...

Thanks, Kate! You rock my world. And today is a GREAT day. Blogs are fantastic because I can entertain people with the ups and downs of my twisted self. Sigh of contentment...

Thomas said...

One word:

"Upcoming Releases"

Okay, so that's two. Whatever. Twice the movie goodness to look forward to. Go watch Legend of Zorro. But then go to another movie: walk into another screen after your first movie is over WITHOUT looking at what's playing.

It's the little things that keep life interesting in between breakdowns. :)

Thomas said...

oh yeah, and then listen to Arrested Development - Mr Wendel.

Louise said...

Thom, thank you for the advice. (sinister giggle)

Meghan said...

Weezy, I love you. Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

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