Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'm Cocoanuts

"I can see it now: you and the moon - wear a necktie so I'll know you." -Groucho

There's nothing like a good Marx Brothers flick. Watching Harpo accost every female in sight makes my day. Ooh, I came across this great cartoon:

I'm a huge Muppet fan. At age five I would pretend that I was Jim Henson's daughter, assisting him in creating his puppets and such.

I got the job, by the way. I am now a lingerie consultant. Poor mom. She's a bit scandalized by my new career. "What!? Oh, honey... Do be careful." "Don't worry," I reply. "I'll make sure the underwire can't cut me."


Kate said...

A lingerie consultant? Really? Ooh, where? I'm far overdue for a fitting and a new bra. Motherhood does funny things to a woman's, ahem, shape.

Philothea Rose said...

LOL...poor Kermit. I'm a huge Muppets fan as well.

Thomas said...

weezy: I love the picture (i love the blog!)

kate: you've scarred me for life.

Louise said...

Women wear bras. Deal.

Meghan said...

Weezy, your mother's careful you never can tell what crazy crimes underwear might committ when you're not looking.

Louise said...

Meghan- Please hand me the rubbing alcohol. *Groan*