Saturday, November 05, 2005

Absence Makes the Heart grow Fungus

ME going CRAZY! (Can you imagine?) Darin left me, his gorgeous wife, for the weekend. Just to visit a good friend that he hasn't seen in years. Gosh, where are this guy's priorities? Anyway, I am kinda lonely just sitting at home... watching Simpsons reruns... drinking coffee... playing obsolete computer games... leaving messes... not making the bed... Wait a minute, THIS IS GREAT!

When it comes down to it, I'd definitely rather have Husband #1 here. I hate the fact that we don't see each other very much, let alone spend the night together. Unfortunately, the non-togetherness negatively affects the little time we have together. Sigh... poor little guy... I wonder what he's doing now... (cut to scene of Darin sipping apple martinis on a warm beach)

Sidenote: I love the fact the when I run spellcheck on this blog, "Darin" comes up as "Drain." Absolutely hilarious.

I already had my Jazzercise class this fine morning, so I'm kickin' it with my buddy Justin in a little while- maybe visit with some girlfriends after that, then home for a very important nap. Oh, and I need to finish my latest Agatha Christie. So many things to do on a day off from work. How can I live with all this chaos, you may ask? Coffee. Lots of good Starbucks Italian Roast coffee. There, you have my secret. Now give me some candy.


Angel Roth said...

I affirm you, schmeez. As a person and as a dispenser of coffee and memorable voices. Do u want to talk tonight? Too much to just e-mail about but nothing special.

Where there is gold... said...

Weezie, Weezie!!! It's your turn now!!! Read my last blog and then read Kates and take it away. love you babe,