Friday, November 18, 2005

Oily Homeschoolers with Lebanese Memories

Okay, there's a valid reason I haven't posted in a while. There's also a valid reason why my recent posts have been less than worth reading. I'll let you know when I think of said valid reason.

I spent the night at AMC (my lovely alma mater) and had a long-awaited conversation with Nat. We hadn't really had a chance to "reconnect" since she got back from her semester abroad. It was wonderful to laugh, complain, and philosophize with her again. Mona joined in for a while before we went to bed. (I also met the infamous "Suzanne." A single word sums up the interaction: Whoa. I should have heeded Corwin's nosebleed warning.)

Nat and I slept on the living room futon.
"Sweet dreams, Schmeez."
"Sweet dreams, Chinky. Pardon me if I start to undress you."
Just call me Sappho.

Now that I am a married woman, I can get away with more than I ever thought possible. *Sigh of contentment*

I slept well for the first time in weeks. After a hot shower, I trotted over to the Student Life office for coffee with Suzanne (not Whoa Suzanne) and Torie. I am convinced those women have gradually strengthened their daily dose of java to an illegal point over the past two years. (God knows they've needed it, employed at AMC and all.) Both teased me for putting too much cream in my coffee. A generous dosage of cream is absolutely crucial when the coffee actually moves by itself. It's dripping up, Tor! Just say no, gang. Just say no.

The walk from the Ark to the class building was strange. The wind chilled my nose, leaves swirled around me, and I pondered the fact that after this year, Ave Maria College will not exist. The short walk brought several recollections to me.

The tree Darin and I slept under... the sinking terror from passing Fr. Roy on the sidewalk... Dr. Izzo's constant warnings against running on the pavement... Freshman intramural ultimate frisbee... watching Darin play volleyball, furious at the apparent peace without me in his life... hurrying to theatre practice with a Drogo latte in hand... the weight of that damnable medieval history book... Ann's smile as we'd meet at the picnic table for Mudd House studying... falling constantly on that infernal Michigan ice...
joyfulness... anger... desolation...

Now my computer screen is blurry. It was one long 30-second walk.

After scandalizing/evangelizing some friends in the class building, Meghan and I enjoyed Lebanese cuisine, somewhat incoherent conversation, and a little shopping. Much to my chagrin, Psycho is not on Meghan's "Must Watch" list. I expressed my frustration to the former home-schooler (Don't deny it, Meg.)
"You're annoying me."
"I know, but that's because I can't think of anything cool to say."
A nap was in order.

The fall formal, entitled "An Evening in the Orient," is tomorrow night. Only last year was I crowned the queen- actually a defining moment in my life. In high school, the boys would call me "ugly" and "fat," while my supposed friends stood by and snickered. It still hurts when I think about it. Moral of the story: High School is Hell. Thank God for College.

Tomorrow will be mine and Darin's first formal as a married couple, wedding reception excluded. My white party dress will be more than appropriate. Heh. Heh. Look out.


Thomas said...

"just call me Sapho"


wierdo than Sapho is having Dr. Wright explain her life to you during a one-on-one tutorial...


I miss Dr. Wright.

Emily said...

Louise, I have recently discovered the beauty of blogging...I must say, I have not seen you once since the beginning of this semester. I hear all these stories about you being on campus and I NEVER see you. *tears*. Ah, well, I guess that's the fate of a commuter...yea, I'm still at it. don't ask me why! You are missed at's so quiet this year. lol. I am proud to say that I voted for you last year to be crowned at the formal. :-)

Louise said...

Yes! I will have to come over and make you a latte at Dro... oh, never mind. Anyway, I would love to see you.

Meghan said...

Sexy Sappho, thank goodness you have come into your own at last. You'd been far too repressed before...though my rear-end disagrees with that, remembering your constant pinching.

And you like homeschoolers if only for the fodder for mockery.

You looked graet at the dance, you babe.

Louise said...

Meghan... my Sappho twin. And you are correct- "Lesbianic" is not a word.