Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"I Wish I Could Clone You."

My manager Pam said that to me this afternoon. A kind compliment, for certain. I didn't go into the ethics of cloning with her, but I was tempted. Oh, was I tempted. Ahem....

I have been discovering (reluctantly) that each day can be a good one if I make it that way. It is a little scary knowing that I have the power whether or not to screw up the day. For example, I had to wake up at 5 am this morning to get to work on time. It actually hurt to get up- I was so tired. I actually considered staying in bed. Instead, I put a carrot in front of my nose- a large cup of Tim Horton's hazelnut coffee. I changed my clothes, straightened my hair, and kissed Darin goodbye. (He nodded in response to my affection. Nodded! He doesn't remember me even leaving.) I drove to Tim's and ordered. Sometimes coffee tastes better when you don't make it. Sigh... $1.40 can buy happiness. Unfortunately, it's only temporary.

The point is, I can decide whether to let the 8 Long Lady bother me or not! (She haunts the GAP, lives in the fitting room for hours, and orders us to find every 8 long in the store only to return the pants the following day.) I can decide to not be bothered by my malicious/catty elder sister. I can choose to love Darin despite the fact that Phase 1 approaches. (Know your NFP, people!)

To tell you the truth, I don't necessarily want this control; it's easier to blame others. Awful, but true. But then again, my days wouldn't be as sweet. Or acidic.


Meghan said...

You are The GAP goddess as well as the queen of hostesses.

It's so true...irrational crankiness is more preferable than actually making the effort to change the dynamics. BUt Weez you are one of the most effective people I have ever met when it comes to improving the general mood of a crowd of people. So learn how to personally benefit from it.

Love you.

Princess Torie said...

I second Megs comments on the fact that if anyone was capapble of turning even the most monotonous or "acidic" day into sugar and warm yummy caffine highs... it would be you!
i agree with you though Weezer - this type of control and responsibility is generally too much for all of us to take - and thus the need to blame everyone else for the problems that seem to arise throughout the day...
hope that today is a beautiful one for you!

Lillie said...

dude! Long time no talkie! YAY! GAP! MenMelnJustin tried to bother you at work one day, but you weren't there. :-( Oh yeah, do you work with a Lori? She's my boyfreind's cousin and she brings me buttons about curvy jean fits.

GAHH! TAPERED PANTS=EVIL! AAAHHAHAHAAAA! It's bootcut/flare all the way, man.