Monday, November 21, 2005

Not with Child... Formally.

You know your blog is suffering when friends have removed you from their blogroll. Sigh... I'd better step this thing up. It is difficult to achieve a perfect balance between profundity, personal anecdotes, and humor. Not too serious/boring, yet not completely hung over with mental illness. Toughie.

Okay, the formal update. (As in the dance on Saturday night.) After a little off-key serenading from Darin and Justin, the girls and I headed downstairs for some pictures. We dined Deutschedly at The Heidelburg, where Darin and I finished our meals before anyone else. We like food.

Upon arrival to the botanical gardens, I overheard a certain fellow speaking about me.

"Oh, Louise is pregnant!"

The world stopped. Before that moment, I felt beautiful. That single phrase, spoken with the utmost callousness, almost destroyed my evening. Darin completely laughed the comment off, dismissing the speaker as an idiot who "ruins all our lives and eats all our steak." It took compliments and several glances in the mirror to feel reconciled to myself again. I suppose that every woman will be mistaken as preggers someday- I'm glad that my time is over. But please, never again!

For the record, I do not feel guilty that I am not pregnant yet. Many of my acquaintances (notice I don't say "close friends") wonder why my tummy ain't swelling (and married four months!) *Big Groan* People have neither tact nor ability to mind their own business.

The fact is, Darin and I can't wait to have children. But! We are enjoying every second of where we are in our lives right now. When and if God places a child in our life, Darin and I will accept it lovingly with open arms. SO WHAT if right now is not the time for us? Maybe tomorrow is.


The Alpha Crow said...

Hey, how about that new car. I’ve been waiting by my phone to find out if I won or not. This applesauce buzz is beginning to wear off.

The Last Balancer said...

Yeah, humans suck, I feel ya. I say adopt a policy of vicious kickings whenever someone says something like that. You could all be like, "Well, Mr.Smarty-pants, could a pregneant wonam do THIS?" As you gut-punch him in the face with your foot.

Or just get Darin to do it.


Louise said...

Vicious kickings? Sounds awfully tempting. Let's form a ninja club.

oh, and Darin won the car- A 1996 Saturn with 250,000 miles on it.

Brigid said...


IRregardless (and Im sure that's not a word)... you looked dazzling at the formal (from what I can tell of the pictures), so hosh posh to whatever that was; you always look stunning!


Meghan said...

Yeah, again, I don't care how close our "community" is, no one needs to enquire into your life that closely. Sheesh. And goodness, you were a babe at the formal.

Louise said...

Brigid! Welcome! Patrick Divietri is no authority on how to treat women anyway.

Meghan, Happy Birthday! Are you pregnant?

one of the boys trying to reach the sun said...

wait, so you're not pregnant?? lol jk.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

hey what's up, you don't know me, and i really don't know you at all, but speaking from someone who has only seen you picture, i have to say i think that you look pregnant, in that picture, but if that's not true, i'm sorry, i guess you just have a lovely tummy that likes to show itself about other people, so please do your best to keep your enlarged stomach away from others, oh yea, the guy in the picture looks like a overgrown rat.